Burbank Tenant Protection Urgency Ordinance

The adoption of tenant protections by the Burbank City Council on September 12, 2023, marks a significant step toward safeguarding the rights of residents in the city, particularly those facing no-fault, just cause evictions due to demolition or substantial remodels. The Burbank Tenant Protection Urgency Ordinance outlines a comprehensive set of requirements aimed at ensuring a fair and transparent process for both tenants and property owners.

Burbank Tenant Protection Urgency Ordinance

For no-fault, just cause evictions with the intent to demolish or substantially remodel a property, the ordinance mandates several crucial steps. Firstly, property owners are obligated to secure the necessary permits, including building permits for substantial remodels, demolition permits for demolitions, and any required abatement permits. This ensures that the proposed work adheres to regulatory standards and safety protocols.

The next step involves a plan check submittal to the City’s Building Division, if required. This emphasizes the importance of obtaining approval for the proposed plans, adding an extra layer of scrutiny to guarantee that the renovations or demolition align with the city’s guidelines. To facilitate this process, tenants are encouraged to visit the City of Burbank Building Division website for detailed information on permits and plan check submittal procedures.

A critical aspect of the tenant protection measures is the requirement for property owners to provide copies of the building, demolition, and/or hazardous material abatement permits to the affected tenants. This ensures that tenants are kept informed about the legal processes and the nature of the work that may impact their residency.

Moreover, property owners must furnish tenants with a written, detailed account of the scope of work. This includes an explanation of why the proposed work cannot be reasonably accomplished in a safe manner with the tenant in place. Additionally, property owners must justify why the work cannot be completed within thirty (30) days. This provision aims to enhance transparency and communication, allowing tenants to understand the necessity and duration of the proposed renovations or demolition.

By implementing these measures, the Burbank City Council seeks to strike a balance between the rights of property owners and the protection of tenants during significant property changes. The emphasis on permits, plan checks, and detailed communication ensures that the process is conducted responsibly, with due regard for the well-being and rights of all parties involved.