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FastEvict.com Law Group Attorney & Associates writes and publishes articles about different categories to help landlords in California get through the eviction process. Not only do we cover the eviction process, but we also cover many other areas such as collecting on judgments, small claims proceedings, changes in legislation, news & updates that are important to landlords and a lot more!

Fast Eviction Service has been helping landlords and property managers get through tough evictions for almost almost 40 years so we are confident when we say we can get you through even the toughest and delicate situation with your tenant.

We hope these articles help you get to know the different sides of an eviction. We hope the tips and videos we provide help you become a better landlord. We hope our articles on mistakes help you avoid getting yourself into sticky situations.

Please keep in mind, we're always just a phone call or click away. Thanks for reading our blog!