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Proof of Income: 15 Ways Tenant Applicants Can Prove It

Whether or not a prospective tenant can afford to live at your property and pay rent on time is the single most important consideration a landlord makes screening applicants.  The stakes are way too high with the costs of eviction if the person is eventually unable to pay rent, making it the most important qualification ..Read More

Not So Common Screening Techniques

If you’ve used the typical screening techniques year in and year out, tenant after tenant and want to check out a couple of unconventional ways to screen tenants, then this article is for you! Applicants are getting more and more creative with trying to keep certain sketchy situations off their credit reports. Which is more ..Read More

How Evicted Renters Can Easily Fool You

Having a troubling tenant is one thing, but having to deal with a tenant who is being evicted is completely different scenario. Every landlord fears this particular scenario given the varied array of issues that come with it – such as getting rid of such tenants, cash flow issues once the property is vacated and the time consuming process of finding new renters.

Californian Law Prohibits Housing Discrimination Based on Immigration Status

Calif. Business and Professions Code §6103.7; Calif. Civil Code §§1940.05, 1940.2, 1940.3, 1942.5, 1940.35, 3339.10; Calif. Code of Civil Procedure §1161.4 Amended by A.B. 291 Effective from 1st January 2018, it will become unlawful for a landlord to take action against their tenants solely on grounds of immigration status. As per the California Legislature, it ..Read More

5 Phases of Tenancy: The Entire Process of Renting Property

Updated 7/27/21 The process of renting property has 5 major steps or phases of tenancy, if you will. A landlord should understand what each phase entails. From knowing what they are to knowing how to go from one phase of tenancy to the other, to knowing tips and tricks to help you navigate each step ..Read More

Why Running a Credit Check Report on a Prospective Tenant is Important

It is very important and beneficial to run a credit check report on your prospective tenant. It not only helps in safeguarding your rental unit but also allows you to get a clear picture of the financial stability of your tenant.

Learn How to Verify Income and Employment Info of Prospective Tenants

During tenant screening, landlords are required to perform a variety of inquiries regarding the information provided by the tenants about their personal life and professional/financial status. Each of them is equally important but the most crucial one is the financial and employment related aspects. Every landlord must make sure whether the prospective tenant has provided authentic information about his/her income and employment or not.

How to Screen and Choose the Right Tenants

Everyone, of course wants to rent to the best tenants. However first attracting, screening and then selecting the best rental tenants isn’t easy. And if you make the wrong decision while choosing tenants, you will certainly find yourself in hot water.

How to Avoid Bad Tenants Who You Will Have to Evict

Instead of waiting around for the eviction process to take place, you can take steps to avoid it from happening at all by not renting to bad tenants. This will help you become a better landlord and continuing to make a salary, all the while keeping your tenants happy.

HUD’s new guidelines for criminal records in the rental tenant screening process 2016

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has released a 10 page guide on new rental tenant screening laws. This new guide could possibly mean disaster to many landlords and managers of rental properties as it basically changes the rules we all know regarding the rejection of an tenant applicant due to their criminal history.

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