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Understanding AB 2304: Protecting Tenants or Shielding Problem Renters?

Assemblyman Alex Lee, representing San Jose, has introduced Assembly Bill 2304 (AB 2304) with the aim of broadening existing protections that conceal eviction filings, thus aiding tenants in sidestepping negative credit reports. Currently, California law only applies such safeguards to “limited” civil cases with claims under $35,000. However, AB 2304 seeks to extend these masking ..Read More

Santa Monica Approves New “Housing Status” Regulations

Santa Monica is leading the way in tenant protection with its groundbreaking amendment to the city’s housing anti-discrimination law. On February 13, the Santa Monica City Council took a bold step to support individuals facing housing discrimination, particularly those with non-traditional rental histories or who are currently or formerly homeless. This initiative marks a significant ..Read More

Just Cause Tenant Protections Guide: City of Glendale

The Glendale Rental Rights Program, initiated on March 14, 2019, comprises three distinct elements: Should you have inquiries regarding whether your property falls under the purview of this legislation or is exempt from any particular component of the Glendale Rental Rights Program, our assistance is available to you. Who is protected by the law? Tenants ..Read More

California Introduces Bill to Eliminate “Digital Discrimination”

California’s groundbreaking move to potentially outlaw “digital discrimination” represents a significant step toward achieving digital equity and addressing the pervasive issue of the digital divide. The proposed bill, introduced to make the state the first to combat internet access discrimination based on income, race, and other protected traits, aligns with the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) ..Read More

SB 466 (Bill to Expand Rent Control) Stopped

The stopping of SB 466, a legislative proposal introduced by Sen. Aisha Wahab, D-Hayward, signifies a pivotal moment in the ongoing debate over rent control policies in California. SB 466 targeted the modification of the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, a landmark piece of legislation that delineates the guidelines for the implementation of local rent control ..Read More

Navigating the Waters of Concord’s Proposed Rent Control Ordinance

The upcoming Concord City Council meeting on January 30 promises to be a crucial juncture in the ongoing discussions surrounding the proposed rent control ordinance. Following an extensive debate during the recent council session, the city council has decided to continue the public hearing, focusing on amendments that could significantly shape the ordinance’s restrictiveness. Discussion ..Read More

Rent Control Measures Could be on the 2024 Ballot for These 4 Bay Area Cities

The collaborative initiative undertaken by tenants in four Bay Area cities—Larkspur, Pittsburg, San Pablo, and Redwood City—represents a significant step in addressing the pressing issue of housing affordability and tenant rights. Through a concerted effort, these tenants have taken the proactive measure of submitting initial filings to include local rent control and tenant protection measures ..Read More

Los Angeles County Offers Additional Rent Relief for Small Landlords

The launch of the $46.3 million Los Angeles County Rent Relief Program marks a significant effort to address the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly focusing on the challenges faced by both small landlords and tenants. The initiative is a response to the widespread financial strain caused by the pandemic, which has left many ..Read More

Palo Alto Approves Rental Registry Program

The City Council has tasked its staff with creating a comprehensive registry of rental units in Palo Alto, motivated by several key objectives. Firstly, the aim is to gain a nuanced understanding of the dynamic residential rental landscape in Palo Alto, examining it from the perspectives of both renters and landlords. What is the Palo ..Read More

Bakersfield Establishes Eviction Protection Program

In the wake of the state rent-relief program and eviction moratorium drawing to a close, the Californian rental landscape has transformed into a challenging post-pandemic reality, casting a shadow on the lives of tenants grappling with a noticeable surge in eviction cases. The gravity of the situation is underscored by county court filings, which indicate ..Read More

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