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San Jose Approves Law Banning Section 8 Housing Discrimination

The San Jose City Council has passed a new ordinance that would prohibit the blanket rejection of potential tenants based upon payment with Section 8 housing vouchers. The new law makes it illegal to deny tenancy solely on the basis of paying rent with vouchers. The law which goes into effect September 26, 2019 will ..Read More

How Should A Landlord Deal With Collecting Rent from a Section 8 Tenant?

Should a Landlord Directly Collect Rent from a Section 8 Tenant if the Housing Authority Discontinues Provision of Rent Due to Uninhabitable Property Issues? Case: Section 8 tenant and the landlord are bonded by a legal agreement under which the local housing authority takes the responsibility of paying major share of the tenant’s rent. However, ..Read More

Five Challenges for Landlords When Renting to Tenants under Section 8

Section 8 of the American Housing Act 1937 lays out the rules for the Housing Choice Voucher Program and sets out Housing Quality Standards for landlords to follow. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) created a program jointly with the US Department of Veteran Affairs called HUD-VASH under which the eligible homeless ..Read More

Section 8 Renting – The Pros and Cons

A quick google search of “Should I get involved in Section 8 rentals” will most likely deter you the other way and avoid this “hassle.” Most of the blogs or forums related to this question will turn up negative reviews and are trigger happy to tell you that most of these tenants very problematic, disrespectful ..Read More

How to Determine Fair Market Rental Value

Fair market rent value is a term that is used in the rental industry to determine an amount of rent a property could command, in the case that it were available for lease. Why is fair market rent value important?

To Section 8 or not to Section 8?

What is Section 8? Section 8 is a government housing voucher program that provides rental assistance to tenants with low income, paying a portion of the month’s rent directly to private landlords. This program may be project based – where it’s to be used in a specific apartment complex or housing project – or tenant ..Read More