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How to Deal with Death of a Tenant In a Rental Unit

Landlords are often traumatized by deaths that occur in their rental units, particularly when it is due to drug addiction, such as the widespread use of fentanyl which has become the deadliest killer. Natural deaths are the most common, but discovering a tenant who has overdosed or a homicide or suicide can be extremely distressing ..Read More

Can Landlords Charge Renters for Repairs if They Do the Repairs Themselves?

Updated 5/3/24 Whether or not a California landlord can charge tenants for repairs that are done by either a contractor or by the landlord depends upon whether the need for the repair is the result of damages or normal wear and tear. What is normal wear and tear in a rental unit? Normal wear and ..Read More

Dealing with the Death of a Tenant: California Laws

Updated 5/06/24 Death is a difficult subject for all of us to talk about. Dealing with family members or loved ones who are grieving is especially delicate and difficult. Any landlord who has had to deal with the death of a tenant knows this can be a major disruption of a landlord’s income depending upon ..Read More

Dealing with a Burglary on Your Rental Property: California Laws

Updated 5/15/24 It’s every landlord’s nightmare come true.  You get a call from a tenant who is obviously very shaken and upset, saying their rental unit has been broken into. Apart from the loss of valuables which can be significant and may or may not be replaceable, it’s usually one of the most traumatic experiences ..Read More

Vaping: Should California Landlords Allow Tenants to Vape in Rentals?

Vaping is a relatively new trend. Most people still aren’t clear how smoking and vaping are similar and different that’s creating a lot of confusion for landlords in California where some of the strongest “Right to clean air” city ordinances exist.  Bottom line, landlords have the right to ban vaping just as they do other ..Read More

When Does a Guest Become a Tenant in California?

Updated 04/19/24 It happens all the time. A new boyfriend or girlfriend begins spending every night at your apartment rental. Someone down on their luck moves in sleeping on the couch while they try to get their life in order. Visiting relatives stay longer than expected. An elderly relative who needs help after a fall ..Read More

Should You Allow Tenants to Paint?

Tenants often ask if they can make improvements on the home or apartment they are renting. Painting interior walls is usually the most common request.  After all, they are going to be living there. Being flexible to keep good tenants is key to successful landlording. However, as simple as this request may sound, the fact ..Read More

Tenants: What your Landlord Wished you Knew

There comes a time when it’s time for young people (sometimes even older) to spread their wings and get out into the real world and look for their first apartment or home to rent. I’m going to flip the switch a little bit on this blog post in hopes of reaching those first time renters ..Read More

Single Tenant or Multi-Tenant – Which is the Better Option?

Renting out a home is not as simple a task as one might think it to be. There are a number of decisions that a landlord has to make before he chooses a tenant for his rental property. One of these decisions is regarding single or multi-tenancy. You have to determine whether having a single tenant is better for you or a bunch of them.

How to Deal With Different Types of Tenants

The most appropriate way of treating your tenant is to view him as your business partner. They are an important source of your income and help you in keeping a constant inflow of cash into your account. However, it is important that you find a good tenant who pays the rent on time and does not interrupt this flow of cash.

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