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What is AB 1317?

The recently advanced bill, AB 1317, in the California Legislature represents a significant step toward reshaping the rental housing landscape in the state, particularly in larger residential properties. Introduced by Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo from Los Angeles, this legislation seeks to bring about a change in how parking costs are handled in rental properties, with the ..Read More

What is a Squatter?

As a landlord, it’s fulfilling to maintain your properties and offer great living spaces to tenants. However, there can be challenges when people try to undermine your ownership rights. Squatting is a concern, especially in California, where specific laws require landlords to understand and follow regulations to deal with squatters. What is Squatting? Squatting means ..Read More

Types of California Eviction Notices

A California eviction notice serves as a formal document that marks the culmination of the landlord-tenant relationship and initiates the process of eviction. Evictions are governed by specific laws and regulations in California, designed to protect the rights of both landlords and tenants while ensuring a fair and lawful procedure. In essence, an eviction notice ..Read More

The Definitive Guide to Unlawful Detainers in California

When looking into why or how to evict a tenant who has failed to pay their rent or has broken part of their lease agreement, we often see the term “unlawful detainer”. What exactly does this mean? What is an unlawful detainer? An unlawful detainer is a legal term used to refer to a legal ..Read More

Would Vacancy Control Really Work?

The City of Berkeley enacted a comprehensive rent control ordinance in 1980, which was regarded as “strict” due to its inclusion of vacancy control. Vacancy control ensured that price controls imposed by the city remained in effect even after a voluntary vacancy occurred. However, in 1995, the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act (Assembly Bill 1164), known ..Read More

Common Landlord Legal Issues to Avoid

For those who enjoy assisting others in establishing a life and becoming part of a community, property management can be a fulfilling profession. However, there are pricey legal risks that come with this line of work that must be recognized and avoided at any expense. Although some of these issues are simpler to avoid than ..Read More

Things Landlords Should Never Do

Managing a rental property can be a bit overwhelming, at times, particularly so since the massive national lock-downs ordered by Federal and State authorities due to Covid-19 have affected the livability of non-essential workers and those unable to do some sort of home office.  The help provided to struggling tenants is perceived to be completely ..Read More

Legit Reasons to Halt Jury Trials for Unlawful Detainers

It’s no secret that landlords feel like they are getting the short end of the stick during the numerous rent moratoriums on federal, state and local levels of government due to the current Coronavirus pandemic. What’s worse is nobody seems to be talking about how these moratoriums are messing with owner’s constitutional rights such as ..Read More

It is Time for Landlords to Fight for the Civil Liberties of Due Process

To our valued clients, We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe during this unprecedented time. With the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), many changes have occurred concerning ALL litigation and how evictions have been and are going to be handled. To keep you best prepared, I wanted to make you aware of these changes; ..Read More

Top 15 Landlord Tax Deductions

Rental property owners have many ways to save money and reduce their taxes by understanding the U.S. tax code and knowing how to use deductions. The first step is understanding there are two types of expenses and what qualifies as an expense that landlords can deduct from their taxes. The two types of expenses are ..Read More

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