Helpful Links For Property Owners

Below are links to other websites which can be of help to property owners and managers. Fast Eviction Service is proud to be a member of the major associations in California, they are listed below.

Helpful links for landlords – LegalDocs allows for the simple preparation of personalized, downloadable and printable legal documents and legal forms to your computer instantly.

LandlordLocks.Com – Master keyed locks supplier

Apartment Association Greater Los Angeles

National Association of Residential Property Managers

California Apartment Association (

Apartment Owners Association Of California (

Rental Property Reporter (

California Association of Collectors, Inc.

The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals

Zip Code Look Up (

California State of Consumer Affairs (

California Apartment Association of Community Managers (

Apartment Association California Southern Cities (

National Apartment Association (

Apartment Association of Orange County (

San Diego County Apartment Association (