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All dogs in Los Angeles County must be licensed

Licensing for dogs and, in certain areas, cats, is a crucial component of responsible pet ownership in the County of Los Angeles. This comprehensive program is overseen by the Department, ensuring the safety, identification, and well-being of pets within the community. All dogs within the County are mandated to be licensed, and in unincorporated areas ..Read More

True Costs of Allowing Pets in your Rental

Permitting pets in rental properties presents a challenge for landlords. On one side, many renters have pets and may prefer properties that accommodate them. However, this decision also entails added expenses and the potential for property damage. In this article, we will examine why some landlords might have reservations about allowing pets in their rentals ..Read More

The Difference Among Pets, Service & Companion Animals

The discussion surrounding pets, service animals, and companion animals has gained significant attention within property management and real estate circles lately. Particularly in the context of renting out properties in California, it has become crucial for landlords to address the needs of tenants who own such animals. When it comes to handling animals and renters, ..Read More

Tenant’s Dog Bites: California Landlord Liabilities

Landlords are often hesitant to rent to people with dogs for fear that, besides the damage dogs can do to properties by accidents on carpets, chewing on things or scratching doors, that the landlords may be liable if the tenant’s dog bites someone.  While every state handles dog bite laws a little differently.  In California ..Read More

Pet Rental Agreements: Should Landlords Allow Tenants with Pets?

Usually, landlords look for renters who do not have any pets. The reasons are quite simple and easy to understand. But is it really a wise and profitable decision on the landlord’s part?

Reconsidering Your No Rental Pet Policy

If you are a beginner in the landlord world, you may have already had many colleagues and peers warn you to stay clear of having a pro pet rental policy. Having a pet friendly lease can often times lead to extreme property damage, more expensive turn around, and a lot of liability. Dogs can sometimes ..Read More