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Tips for Tenants: Dealing with Roommates

Navigating shared living arrangements with roommates can pose challenges, especially when it comes to maintaining consistent rent payments. When you share a lease, everyone shares the responsibility for the total rent, irrespective of individual contributions. So, when one roommate encounters difficulties in meeting their financial obligations, it necessitates a thoughtful approach from all parties involved. ..Read More

Why Renting to College Students is a Good Idea

Renting to students is generally not considered a good idea by many landlords. The reason for this is the concern that students usually don’t take much care of the rental property they are living in and leave it in a very bad shape when they vacate it. This however is not entirely true.

When One Tenant Wants to Leave

As young people want to leave home early, often a small group will move into a house together. Over time things will change and there will be an occasion when one wants to move on. So what does this mean to the landlord and the people staying in the house – especially when it is not at a time when the tenancy is being renewed?

What to do When Tenants Request for a Roommate

It is very common for tenants to request their landlords to allow a roommate to move in. There can be a number of reasons for this request. The tenant might be finding it hard to pay of the rent on his own and wants a roommate so that they can share the rent.