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COVID-19 Notice Preparation and “Uncontested” Eviction Prices

Prepare Notice and Serve of notice package. (1)$175 & Up
Uncontested Eviction (including attorney fees*). (2)$865 & Up
Commercial Eviction$1,065 & Up
Typical “Trial” Eviction. (3)$295 & Up
Potential “Extraordinary” Services/Cost (4)$295 &Up
Deposition/Interrogatories/Answers to Interrogatories/Discovery (Per Set/Hr.)$350 & Up
Jury trial preparation/Jury Trial/Personal Inspection of premises$1,750 & Up
Preparation of a simple Subpoena (Duces Tecum)$350
Order to post Summons & Complaint$75
Preparation of Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury$75
Obtaining a temporary restraining order including filing and appearance.$750

1. Includes tenant fact sheet, one 15 day rent or covenant notice, and declaration to tenant. Each additional notice prepared and served for same address within the same month is $75 each. Please note rent due from March 1,2020 – August 31, 2020 is a different notice than rent owed from September 1,2020 – January 31, 2020 and we do not recommend serving both notices at the same time. ** Please note that proceeding on an Unlawful Detainer based on rent owing from March 1,2020 – January 31,2020 is done at your own risk as there are no guarantees on getting possession for rent owing in that time period. The court will allow the defendant to file for a hearing if they claim they have excusable neglect reason for not providing the declaration to the notice to pay as required.

2. The minimum flat fee retainer to process a COVID-based residential default eviction is only $1,675 & up which covers your attorney’s fees, plus court filing costs, electronic filing costs, service of process costs, court costs for the Clerk’s Judgment for a Writ of Restitution, and Sheriff costs to enforce the Writ of Restitution .. The typical COVID-based residential default eviction includes the following services:
(1) Drafting and filing the Summons & Complaint for Unlawful Detainer,
(2) Coordination with process serving,
(3) Drafting and filing the Request to Enter Default, the Clerk’s Judgment for a Writ of Restitution, and the Instructions to the Civil Division of the Sheriff’s Office,
(4) Delivery and processing of said paperwork with the court and the Sheriff’s Office.
If you wish to obtain money judgment against the tenant there is no additional charge.  Upon signing this retainer you are agreeing for the Law Office to fully proceed with the collection of the monies owed to you. If you do not wish to have our office obtain a judgment for you, you must notify the Law Office for each case after the tenancy property has been restored to you – we automatically obtain a money judgment against the former tenant(s). Fees, costs or court charges are subject to change at option of Law Office.
* Add $25 if a Pre-Judgment Claim of Right of Possession is requested
* Add $20 for process serving charges for each additional Defendant to be served.
* Add $175 for Sheriff Lockout.
**Please note that on any Residential Unlawful Detainer that is based on rent owing from March 1, 2020 – January 31, 2021, there is no guarantee that you will get possession of your property by filing the Unlawful Detainer. Under AB 3088, the defendants can file for a hearing up to the date of the lockout regarding the reason the declaration re: COVID was not submitted timely and if the judge grants their motion for hearing, the case can be dismissed.

3. Upon the tenant filing an Answer there will be an additional charge which may include the following services for a typical trial mode eviction:
(1) Obtain a copy of the Answer from the court, set the matter for a “court” trial,
(2) do up to a ½ hr. “trial-prep” with staff,
(3) engage in up to one hour court trial,
(4) prepare a standard judgment, and
(5) process the paperwork with the court and the Sheriff’s office.

4. $295 & Up per hour: Court trial or hearing that exceeds one hour.
Important: Additional phone calls regarding status, legal questions, etc after the initial intake of the case will result in additional fees.
Attorney attendance at court hearing
Preparation for Court trial or hearing with attorney
Points & Authorities/Legal briefs/Legal Research
Travel Time/Custom letters and consultations with attorneys
Preparation of Notices to Quit/Section 8/HUD / Good Cause Warning letters
Preparation of Custom Stipulated Judgment/Stipulation & Order Mutual Agreements to Vacate / Ex tensions of Notices to Vacate Drafting Motions and Opposition to Motions
Settlement negotiations with clients/attorneys/tenants Preparation of documents for filing Unlawful Detainer

Civil Process Service Writ Services

$70.00$80.00Bank Levy with Spousal Affidavit per Gov’t Code 26721
$85.00$100.00Demand Levy
$12.00$12.00Disbursement fee (per Gov’t Code §26746)
$30.00$35.00Earning Withholding Orders (Wage Garnishment)
$125.00$145.00Eviction (Writ of Possession – Real Property)
$225.00$240.00Keeper – 8 hours
$365.00$380.00Keeper – 12 hours
****Keeper – 48 hours
****Keeper – 10 days
$35/day$40/dayKeeper Continuation Fee (after first day)
$35.00$40.00Levy (Bank, funds, escrow, etc.)
$85.00$100.00Personal Property Levy
$300.00 *$300.00 *Real Property Levy – Writ of Attachment
$1,500.00 *$1,500.00 *Real Property Levy – Writ of Execution/Writ of Sale
$1,500.00 *$1,500.00 *Vehicle Levy
****Writ of Possession – Claim and Delivery
* Amount listed is deposit amount. Additional fees may be required.
** Contact the appropriate Civil Office for fee information

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