Prorated Rent Calculator

New! Now you can use our prorated rent calculator to help you figure out move ins or move outs in the middle of the month!

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To use our prorated rent calculator

  • Select whether you want to calculate move-in rent amount or move-out rent amount.
  • Type in your monthly rent amount.
  • Type in the date your tenant is moving.

How the calculator works

The prorated rent calculator will take your monthly rent amount and divide it by 30. California courts use 30 days to calculate daily rent, no matter what month it is.

now you can use our prorated rent calculator

How to Calculate Prorated Rent?

If you are a landlord or property manager who is constantly asking themselves: how do I calculate prorated rent? This nifty tools is for you! Please bookmark it so you can quickly find it and use it as needed!

This prorated rent calculator can help you figure out prorated move in rent amount and prorated move out rent amount. Although this calculator will generally work to figure out prorated rent amounts across the US, it has been configured to help calculate prorated rent amounts for California since the courts use 30 days to calculate daily rent amounts no matter what month it is.

Move-in Prorated Calculator

Let’s assume you are charging $1,000 a month for rent. Your tenant would like to move in on the 15th of January. To calculate the prorated amount your tenant would pay for first month’s rent, we need to first calculate daily rent. Divide $1,000 by 30 which should give you $33.33. Important: Press clear on your calculator and only use 2 decimals, otherwise the rounding up or down can mess with your totals.

Now we need to subtract 15 (the day the tenant plans to move in) from 30 and we must add 1 day (the actual day they plan to move in.) We should get 16 days. Next, we multiply daily rent times 16 which will give you your final prorated rent amount for January. ($33.33 * 16 = $533.28)

Did you get something different following along? You most likely forgot to clear your calculator and used more than 2 decimals. It’s important to get into the habit of only using 2 decimal places because the judge calculates your daily rent during an eviction case. If your numbers are higher, even by 4 cents, your case will most likely be dismissed.

Prorated Move Out Calculator

To calculate move out prorated rent amount, it’s much simpler. You figure out your daily rent amount (see above) then you multiply daily rent times move out day. ($33.33 * 15 = $499.95)

We hope you use this prorated rent calculator to help you figure out move in and move out prorated rent amounts! If you are using this tool to fill out legal documents, please contact us to make sure the information is accurate. 1-800-686-8686 or