How Much Does It Cost To Evict Someone

Fast Eviction Service’s fees generally range from $965 and up – depending upon the county and amount of litigation involved

Here’s what is included in our all inclusive-fees – unless it’s contested.

How much does it cost to evict a tenant in California?

Any additional fees arising from tenants contesting the eviction adds to the litigation required on your case. The fact that they are litigating the eviction means as the landlord you have to take additional steps to counter what they are trying to do.

This is why it is so important to have the help of a competent Eviction Attorney to make sure everything is done right the first time – to save you time and money!

The following are a list of Fast Eviction Service’s fees with a more detailed explanation of each item below. Please do not hesitate to call us at (800) 686-8686 and have one of our professionals answer any questions you have about your eviction and the specific costs of getting the unwanted tenant out of your property as fast as possible.

Eviction Costs

Preparation & Service of Notice and Other Pre-Eviction Preparation

3 or 30 Day to Pay Rent or Quit (areas with rent ordinances subject to higher fees based on requirements$175 and up
60 day w/AB exempt notice (please contact our office for more info)$400 and up
3 Day to Quit Nuisance$375 and up
3 Day to Quit Other$350 and up
3 Day to Perform w/ final 3 Day to Quit$450 and up
90 Day Section 8 Termination (contact our office for more info)$400 and up
3/90 Day Post-Forclosure/Tax Sale$350 and up
5 Day Forcible Detainer$350 and up
30 Day Tenancy at Will (contact our office if your property is located in a rent control ordinance area)$350 and up
Notice of Change of Terms of Tenancy$250 and up
30 Day Property in Escrow$250 and up
LA City and Un-incorporated LA County Declaration of Intent Applications and Fees$1,700 and up

Preparation & Service of Notice – Commercial

Same as residential notices

Eviction Fees

(All uncontested eviction fees do not include $215 sheriff fee if needed)

Residential Uncontested Eviction$1,195 and up
LA County Residential Uncontested Eviction$1,195 and up
Commercial Uncontested Eviction$1,395 and up
LA County Commercial Uncontested Eviction$1,395 and up
Trial – 1st Hour$475 and up
Deed Retrieval$150 and up
Declaration of Non-Compliance for Stipulation$350 and up
Posting Order (add 15 days from signing of order)$150 and up
Prepare Discovery$350 and up
Respond to Discovery$350 per set and up
Repost Property for Lock Out$350 and up
Bankruptcy Relief (25 days or more)$1,050 and up
Prepare Exparte Motions$450 and up
Oppositions$450 and up
Remand Motions$1,500 and up
Motions for Summary Judgment$1,500 and up
Jury Demand Prep$2,500 and up
Jury Demand Retainer (after 1st appearance once jury is ready to be selected)$7,500 and up
Jury Trial Appearances Full Day$1,750 and up
Small Claims Filings (includes trial brief)$575 and up
Preparation of Attorney Letters$350 and up
Preparation of Subpoena$375 each
Attorney Response or Draft Letters$375 and up
Deposition response and appearance per person (not including reporting or translating fees)$750 and up
Settlement negotiations and drafting$350 and up

Explanation Of Eviction Costs

Prepare Notice and Serve  Our office prepares the notices and registered process servers serve the notice.

File and Serve Summons & Complaint  This fee includes the full Unlawful Detainer process – including everything from the filing of the complaint up to and including the Sheriff’s lock-out.

Trial Appearance fee (Depending on County)  If the tenant contests the eviction this is the attorney’s fees to appear in court on the day of trial.

Commercial Eviction  The fee corresponds to the amount demanded on the notice, which is why there is an amount listed on the fee schedule.

Collection Fee  Once a case gets closed out and it goes to our collection department we do a 60-40% split. You get 60% – we get 40%.

Sub In Trial  This is where someone has already filed their own case – either the owner or the owner’s attorney that they are now unsatisfied with – and a client wants Fast Eviction Service to step into their case substituting into the matter, becoming the Attorney of Record of the case.

Sub In for Default  This is the same as substituting into a case for a case someone has already begun, but when the tenant didn’t respond so the case is settled by default and it is not necessary to go to trial.

Stipulation  If the owner and tenant are in some type of agreement, and rather than going to trial they wish to draft and state the terms of their agreement in writing and have it filed with the court. For example, a tenant may owe $1,000 back rent. The landlord says “I’m OK with keeping you, but that amount must be paid by these specific dates.” The terms of the agreement are filed with the court. If the terms are not complied with, this enables the landlord to return to court and file a non-compliance with the agreement granting them a judgment.

Declaration of Non-Compliance for Stipulation or Stipulation to Hold Marshal  This means the case went to trial, in the trial the landlord and the tenant came to some type of agreement where the tenant would be complying with certain requirements or stipulations that were not met, and a Declaration of Non-Compliance is then filed with the court to proceed with the case to judgment and obtain a Writ of Possession.

Posting Order  This applies to serving the summons and complaint – which must be personally served – or sub-served if you knock on the door and someone answers who you are not sure if they are the defendant and serving the notice to a competent member of the household provided they are 18 years or older. If Fast Eviction Service attempts to go out to the property and after three attempts we are unable to serve an Eviction Notice, we have to apply for what is known as a posting order. This is an order to the judge that we have tried three times to serve the defendant and we are asking him to sign the order allowing us to post the notice on the property – usually the door.

Meet Marshall  Usually the landlord is responsible to meet the Marshall on the day of the lock-out. If the landlord is not available to meet the Marshall on the appointed lock-out date, depending upon the location, Fast Eviction Service can represent you and make sure this final crucial step in regaining full control of your property is accomplished without a last minute hitch.

Security Deposition Letter  After the tenants vacate the property, the landlord must send them a security deposition letter within 21 days of them vacating to inform them what the security deposit was applied to. There is a charge for drafting that letter.

Re-Post Property for Marshall Lockout  If a lock-out date is missed with the landlord not making an appearance when the Marshall arrives, this is the fee to repost and reschedule the lockout date.

Bankruptcy Relief  If a tenant files for bankruptcy, and applies the Unlawful Detainer case to their bankruptcy, this puts a Federal hold on the case. To proceed with the eviction, we must get relief from the Federal Court.

Small Claims Filing  Small claims cases can occur when tenants move out prior to filing an eviction and still owe rent. The landlord can then sue the tenant in Small Claims Court. This can result from unpaid rent, and/or damages to the property. We will serve the Small Claims Summons and filing fee.

Please call us at (800) 686-8686 and have one of our professionals answer any questions you have about your eviction and the specific costs of getting an unwanted tenant out of your property as fast as possible.


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