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City of Los Angeles New Requirements for Landlords

Starting January 27, 2023, every landlord who owns residential properties is required to give tenants a Notice of Renters’ Protections upon the start or renewal of their tenancy. Additionally, the notice must be posted in a common area of the property that is easily accessible to all tenants. To obtain a copy of the Renters’ ..Read More

Someone Please Help Save Us! We Are Being Treated Like The Indians

After three years of being impacted by the COVID pandemic, LA City announces a new ordinance that will be in place until February 1, 2024. The ordinance has many provisions, including new notice requirements and changes in the dates they take effect. LA County’s moratorium extension will govern units not governed by the city’s restrictions. ..Read More

City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County to Provide Rental Relief to Landlords

With the LA County extending the eviction moratorium and the City of Los Angeles ending theirs but with last minute plot twists, the Board of Supervisors look to provide mom and pop landlords with much needed rental relief. The plan is to find and allocate at least $45 million dollars for a brand new relief ..Read More

City of LA to End COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium But Adds New Policies

In a meeting on January 20th, 2023, the LA City Council made its decision to end the COVID-19 eviction moratorium on January 31st, 2023 after years of pushback by landlords and associations such as the California Apartment Association and its members. The termination of the moratorium means tenants could no longer skip on paying current ..Read More