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What is Implied Warranty of Habitability?

The implied warranty of habitability is a crucial legal concept that places responsibilities on landlords to ensure that the rental premises are suitable for human habitation. This warranty is derived from a combination of sources, primarily state and local housing laws, and court decisions. Understanding the source of the warranty is essential as it determines ..Read More

Los Angeles Moving Towards Smoke Free Apartments

To promote and encourage adaptation to the government’s smokefree apartment policies, the AAGLA and UCLA Center for Health Policy Research have collaborated together to help renters and landlords. Since smoke drifts through windows, doors and air-vents it manages to affect everyone residing within an apartment building.

Are Landlords Responsible for Bed Bugs in Rental Property?

Bed bugs are a nationwide epidemic. Legislation has been recently amended in not just one but five civil codes to address the growing problems of bed bugs. They’re also known as the traveling bugs. We need to educate ourselves and everyone we know, because if it’s a nationwide problem it’s not a matter of if, ..Read More

What is Constructive Eviction in California?

Updated 6/11/24 Constructive eviction is every landlord’s biggest nightmare. It is a condition or situation where the landlord doesn’t decide to evict the tenant but rather the tenant chooses to leave the property as they deem it to be uninhabitable. The reason why it is bad for landlords is that the rent they expected to ..Read More

Mold in Rental Property. Landlord Liability, Responsibility and Prevention

Mold has been one of those silent issues that everyone knows is there, but failed to talk about it for quite some time now. Little has been done through the federal, state and local levels of government to establish authority over this nuisance. Let’s start talking about it so that you as a landlord can ..Read More

A Landlord’s Duty: Safety and Habitability Regulations Required for their Tenants

Landlords and property managers need to comply with reasonable and necessary safety regulations to protect their tenants. The safety requirements below ensure your residential rental property is up to par. The residential landlord’s duty is to care for and maintain a rented property is part of the warranty of habitability implied when they enter into ..Read More

What is Considered Uninhabitable Living Situations for a Tenant?

Updated 5/16/24 Under certain conditions, California Civil Code 1942 could allow a tenant to legally break their lease for what is considered uninhabitable living situations for a tenant. It is a landlord’s (legal) responsibility to provide a rental dwelling fit for humans to live in. The responsibility does not fall just on the landlord, however, ..Read More