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Pests in Rental Property, Who is Responsible?

Discovering pests of any kind within your rental property is undoubtedly an unwelcome occurrence. Upon encountering a pest in your living space, it’s natural to want to address the issue promptly. However, you might be uncertain about the appropriate course of action. Are you responsible for maintaining a pest-free environment, or is this the duty ..Read More

Los Angeles Rent Control Property Rules Landlords Must Follow

Los Angeles City is among the cities with the strictest rent control. Landlords must keep track of registration, an RSO and or SCEP fee, rent increase restrictions and a lot more. Many landlords ask themselves, what are the rent control rules I must follow in Los Angeles City? Let’s go over a few important ones. ..Read More

10 Most Important California Landlord Documents to Keep On Hand

Landlords always need to do paperwork but many are not aware of the full significance of some crucially important documents. If you have an idea about the most important files that you might need to access again and again then it will become a lot easier for you to file them properly. This is why ..Read More

Tips on Preventing Your Tenant from Moving

Every landlord wants to keep the tenants for longer periods and this requires keeping them happy. When tenants are happy, they won’t move out and the landlord’s life will become a lot easier. Happy tenants seldom complain and are also likely to renew their lease agreement. There are several advantages of having long-term renters. The ..Read More

Top 10 California Landlord Legal Responsibilities

Landlord-tenant disputes do not always have to end up with grueling lawsuits or court battles. The California Rental Laws explicitly dictate what rights your tenant is entitled to and how the common disputes can be avoided. These disputes regarding upholding the terms of rental or lease agreements are almost always costlier for the landlord than ..Read More

Landlord Rights Vs Landlord Obligations & Duties

Every landlord has to observe a dedicated, pre-determined set of rights and obligations towards the tenants. It is a misconception that landlords only have obligations to follow because there are numerous rights exercised by landlords that tenants have to be aware about prior to signing the agreement. Your Rights as Landlord Right to choose a ..Read More

Why are Routine Landlord Rental Property Inspections Necessary?

Landlords have to make sure that their property remains in excellent condition. This is important because only by maintaining their property would they be able to get the best rent for it. Moreover, a well-maintained rental property is more appealing to prospective tenants as well. So, it’s essential that you keep an eye on your ..Read More

Your Responsibilities as a Property Owner

Owning a property is an attractive investment opportunity but it is just the beginning of your responsibilities. Every owner should be aware of and take their responsibilities as a property owner seriously. Here is a brief glimpse into the responsibilities of a property owner, which every owner should fulfill. Maintain Proper Records As the owner ..Read More

Safety of Property: Keeping your Tenants Safe

Updated 6/15/21 The overall safety of property heavily depends on the landlord. Sure, it’s important to outline tenant safety responsibilities in the lease. The landlord, however, is legally responsible for keeping the property safe to live in for their tenants. Rental property safety can be easily achieved by following this guide on things to keep ..Read More

Repairs and Maintenance for Rental Property

Updated 5/24/21 Landlords are legally responsible for repairs and maintenance for rental property. Specifically when it comes to habitability issues. A habitable rental unit is fit for occupation by a human being. It has to substantially comply with state and local building and health codes that could possibly affect a tenant’s health and safety. That’s ..Read More

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