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Dealing with Noisy Tenants: California Laws

Noise is one of the most common complaints a landlord has to deal with from tenants. Every renter deserves peace and quiet. The “Right to Quiet Enjoyment” which is the right to the undisturbed use and enjoyment of the property they are renting is implicit in every rental contract in California and all fifty states – whether it is in writing or ..Read More

Dealing with Tenants who Prohibit Inspections of the Rental Property

Question: What if my rental unit is cited by City of Los Angeles Code Enforcement and the tenant does not allow access to the rental unit to inspect and repair? It is a very common occurrence in the City of Los Angeles that tenants will file a complaint to the City of Los Angeles Health ..Read More

Bankruptcy and Unlawful Detainer Actions

One of the more common tactics that a tenant will use to delay an Unlawful Detainer action is to file a Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy Petition.  Some of these Bankruptcy Petitions are filed by the tenant and some of them may be filed a person that the tenant is not familiar with, such a ..Read More

Should Landlords Renew Lease with Bad Tenants?

Bad tenants refer to people who are noisy, do not pay rent on time and are causing damages to the property. Such tenants are usually not going to mend their ways and usually the only way out is to evict them – unless they are on a lease.

Dealing with Dirty Tenants

What happens when you have dirty tenants is that your property can smell badly and its condition and value starts to deteriorate before expected. This is the right time to take action if you want to save your real estate’s property value and rental value.

What to do if Your Tenant Stops Paying Rent

Tenants stop paying rent for all sorts of reasons. Landlords often find themselves in this predicament where the tenant either delays payment of rent for months or simply refuse to pay . So what should you do if your tenant stops paying rent? Of course you would be frustrated since you must be having your ..Read More

How to Deal with Common Tenants Complaints

If you have rented out your property, dealing with tenant complaints is a mandatory occurrence. No property can always remain in perfect working condition and there will certainly be issues that might need your attention. In case of a problem, the tenants would not have any other option than to complain to the landlord and ..Read More

How to Identify and Prevent Illegal Activity in Your Properties

Carrying out inspections for necessary repairs and maintenance of the rental property is every landlord’s responsibility. However, smart landlords go a step ahead and inspect their units to identify if the tenants are involved in any illegal activity at their rental property. Usually, people run identity and credit checks to confirm the reliability and trustworthiness ..Read More

7 Problems Landlords Face with Bad Tenants: Course of Action

Tenant-related problems bug the landlords almost every day. It is due to this that many landlords reduce their rents for maintaining good tenants. However, reducing the rent or evicting the tenants might not always be the best course of action. While lower rent reduces the profitability of the landlords, evictions of bad tenants causing problems ..Read More

Understanding Tenant Bankruptcy as a Landlord

If you’re a landlord suddenly having to go through a tenant bankruptcy, most likely the first words that come to mind is “oh great, now I have to let this deadbeat tenant live free of rent until this gets all sorted out.” While that may be true to a certain extent, you as a landlord need to understand your options dealing with tenant bankruptcy and the process in general so that you can minimize your loses.

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