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Just Cause Eviction Makes Getting Rid of Bad Tenants Much Harder

Under California’s existing “no-fault” tenant rental law a landlord may terminate a renter’s tenancy by issuing either a 30 or 60 Day Notice to Vacate – the length of time depending upon weather the renter had been in the unit  for under or over a year. However, along with the spread of rent control, over ..Read More

LARSO Reasons for Eviction: Los Angeles Rent Control Stabilization Ordinance

On the November 2018 Election Ballot are propositions for Statewide Rent Control.  It is very important for all landlords to become familiar with the basic concept of rent control. Currently, there are several cities in Southern California that utilize a system of rent control and eviction control to allegedly make rental units more affordable to ..Read More

Five Reasons to Evict Your Tenant

Eviction is a mandatory part of rental business but a majority of landlords don’t really understand what eviction means. In simple words, it means to legally expel an existing tenant from your rental unit or property. Here the term Legally has been deliberately added to enhance the significance of evicting tenants in a legally acceptable ..Read More

A Complete List of Reasons to Evict a Tenant in the City of Los Angeles

Going through the eviction process is an inevitable part of being a landlord. Evictions, especially in California, tend to always favor the tenant and can be a very frustrating, slow, and expensive process. Although there are already a few “top 10 reasons to evict a tenant” lists out there, those are just generalized to cover ..Read More

How to Prevent the Eviction Process

There are many ways you can prevent eviction by taking your tenant screening process a few extra steps further by advertising for the right tenant, pre-screening over the phone, how you instruct them to first view the property by driving by, and having an effective application.

Top Ten Reasons to Do an Eviction

The purpose of unlawful detainee proceedings is timely restoration of possession. Time periods for pleading [in unlawful detainee actions are shorter than ordinary civil actions; the matter is set for trial more quickly and they are entitled to priority on the trial calendar. Thus, under California Law, these are the top ten reasons to do ..Read More

Grounds upon Which Tenants Can be Evicted and How

If a tenant has been annoying you greatly and you want to evict the tenant, it’s necessary that you don’t confront the tenant directly but fall back to the tenancy agreement and find a clause that the tenant is violating.

7 Reasons to Evict a Tenant in California

Updated 10/4/20 There and many reasons to evict a tenant in California. This is especially true if you consider the many ways tenants can break their rental agreement. There are, however, 7 top reasons or grounds to evict a tenant. It’s hard to think about having to go through an eviction. I don’t think there’s ..Read More