How California Landlords Collect Eviction Judgements for Unpaid Rent and Damages

Collect money lost during the eviction process: past due rent, daily rent, legal and attorney fees.

Each year in California, landlords incur millions of dollars in expenses from damages caused by delinquent tenants. Sadly, many property owners simply let their tenant go and deal with the expenses themselves because unless they have the help of a California judgment collection agency the time involved for an individual landlord is too high.

Don’t let delinquent tenants get away with past due rent or property damage. Often, these same tenants will cause the same problems with the next land and property they rent.

Fast Eviction Service is a California court judgment collection agency that enables you to legally go after tenants for any debt they owe you – including back rent and damages – at no out of pocket cost to you. The eviction process has probably already set you back financially and now it is time to think about trying to recoup the lost rent money and frustration you’ve experienced getting them out.

In order to collect, you must first obtain a money judgment. If you would like for us to assist you in recovering money that is owed to you, we will obtain a money judgment for you at no cost. 

We charge no out of pocket expenses. We work on a commission only basis, the commission fee that is charged is 40% of what is collected.

Why We Are Successful

As a leading California landlord law firm, Fast Eviction Service has been collecting Unlawful Detainer judgments for over 30 years. Our collections department is staffed by highly trained individuals who have many ways of finding assets and employment of former tenants.

They work in conjunction with our process servers to make sure you get every penny possible. Some of the reasons why we have succeeded for many years are:

  • We are persistent, and will make every possible attempt to locate the debtor.
  • We will put the judgment on the debtor’s credit report.
  • We will pay for all of the costs and fees.
  • Bank Levies – We can take a tenants money from their bank account
  • Wage Levies – We will take the money out of the debtor’s wages.
  • Property Levies – We can lien a tenants property

We don’t give up, we continue to search for debtors in order to get the money you deserve. Our proven effectiveness shows on the thousands of eviction cases we have already collected on for our clients.

We can also collect on cases that were handled by other attorneys or that you handled yourself. Let us show you how we can recover your money as a California court judgment collection agency that you probably would not have the time or resources to pursue on your own – at no out of pocket expense to you!

Get Started

Start your collections today by giving us a call at (800) 686-8686. We have trained collection experts which can discuss your situation and formulate a plan to start collecting money owed to you right away.

Before proceeding with collections against your ex-tenant, we require a signed collection agreement. If you would like for Fast Eviction Service’s collection department to assist you in recovering your money, please complete a collection agreement form. Please fill out this agreement providing us with as much information as you can on your ex-tenant. Rental applications and credit applications are exceptionally helpful. Once you’ve spoken to one of our collection experts, please mail the following to us:

  • Completed Collection agreement
  • A copy of the credit applications
  • A copy of the security deposit accounting (if applicable)

If there is significant property damage, please contact us to discuss the possibility of beginning a small claims court action. Please be advised that there is a fee to file and serve a small claims action (see our fees). Give us a call at (800) 686-8686 in order to discuss your options, or visit our small claims service page for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact our office as soon as possible, and remember that 60% of something will always be better than 100% of nothing.

We appreciate your business!

– Fast Eviction Service
  Collections Department

For more information on the California court judgment collection process for obtaining unpaid back rent and damages after eviction, including “Holdover Damages” if the tenant overstayed their tenancy without permission at the end of a lease period, click here.

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