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How to Keep Good Tenants Around

If you find yourself feeling frustrated by the constant pursuit of improving renter retention, perhaps all you need are a few straightforward renter engagement strategies to enhance resident satisfaction, foster positive property reviews, and create the vibrant apartment community you desire. Encouragingly, the overall level of resident satisfaction is generally quite high. In fact, the ..Read More

Entering Your Rental Property – Landlord’s Rights

After a rental property owner has signed a rental agreement with a tenant and provided them with the keys, the tenant is entitled to privacy within their rented space. To protect tenants’ privacy, there are legal restrictions on how frequently and under what circumstances owners and property managers may enter a tenant’s occupied rental unit. ..Read More

Advanced Screening Tips – How to Find Good Renters

Although you may be eager to fill your rental property and avoid losing money due to vacancy, it’s essential to screen potential renters thoroughly. This step is critical in the leasing process as it enables you to identify tenants who are likely to make your experience as a landlord smooth. However, it’s important to follow ..Read More

Common Mistakes Landlords Make

There are various reasons why people choose to become landlords. Some might have stumbled into the role by chance, such as becoming an “accidental landlord” by renting out their previous residence. Others might have acquired a property through inheritance. Additionally, some individuals may have carefully researched properties for sale and made a deliberate decision to ..Read More

Must Know Tips for First Time Landlords

Owning and managing rental properties can be a challenging and overwhelming task. However, with the right knowledge and skills, it can also be a profitable and rewarding venture. Whether you are a novice landlord or an experienced one looking to enhance your skills, this comprehensive guide to landlording offers 20 essential tips to help you ..Read More

What is a Rent Ledger?

Keeping track of tenant payments and outstanding balances can be a challenging aspect of managing rental properties. Without proper organization and record-keeping, your investment property can turn into a nightmare. A ledger of rent payments is an essential tool for property managers, landlords, and accountants. It simplifies tax payments and helps resolve disputes between landlords ..Read More

Don’t Fear Change

From my observation, numerous rental property owners who have owned their properties for an extended period tend to retain control of property management, not because they have a preference for control or believe they can manage the property more efficiently than a management company, but due to their attachment to the status quo and their ..Read More

Let the Concession Wars Begin

Wait what are you talking about? We are not having a concession War yet? Yet was the key word in that sentence. As the market shifts and now we have some vacant units that are not renting as quickly as we would like. Don’t be surprised to start seeing the signs at the apartment communities. ..Read More

Stop Using Absolute Terms and you Can’t Give the Wrong Answer

In the very fast paced industry of managing investment property and the ever changing laws, restrictions, and fair housing changes. It can be extremely tricky to navigate through a tough day let alone a week, a month or a pandemic. After a few decades in the industry please allow me to share two of the ..Read More

Pros and Cons of Offering Deals to Find Tenants

One of the biggest parts of being a landlord and or property manager is constantly attracting and filling your vacancies with high quality tenants. When you have a long vacancy or when you’re having trouble attracting potential tenants to a vacancy, it’s natural to offer a good incentive for potential tenants to call and inquire ..Read More

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