South Pasadena Approves Moratorium on no-fault Lease Terminations

This week, the South Pasadena City Council unanimously passed a 45-day moratorium on no-fault evictions. The decision was made in light of residents’ claims that a few recent rental property owners had been deceitful in using “substantial remodel” as a justification to end tenancies.

In 2021, South Pasadena introduced a substantial remodel ordinance that mandates the acquisition of building permits and necessitates notifying tenants before initiating any remodeling activities. This ordinance serves as an addition to the “just cause” eviction regulations outlined in state law AB 1482. Landlord advocates argue that the current regulations offer ample avenues to renovate aging properties and guarantee fair compensation for tenants.

While acknowledging the concerns raised by landlord activists about potential burdens on housing providers and the potential decline in housing quality, the City Council proceeded with the moratorium. As part of this pause, there will be a comprehensive review of the existing remodel ordinance. Council members strongly encouraged the landlords, housing providers, and tenants to actively engage and participate in this evaluation process.