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Why “Justice for Renters Act” is a Bad Idea for Landlords

Opposing this poorly thought-out ballot initiative is crucial for a multitude of reasons that extend beyond mere economic concerns. First and foremost, the consensus among economists is that rent control stifles growth and significantly hampers the construction of new housing. The past rejections of similar propositions, Proposition 10 in 2018 and Proposition 21 in 2020, ..Read More

Top Reasons for Landlord Tenant Lawsuits

Owning and managing a rental property has the potential to generate passive income, yet it entails significant legal obligations and the risk of potential legal disputes. California boasts some of the most thorough rental laws in the United States, covering tenant rights, standards for livable accommodations, limitations on rent hikes, and regulations pertaining to security ..Read More

Understanding Lease Termination Rights For Victims of Abuse

In certain circumstances, tenants have the ability to terminate their existing lease without being held accountable for the remaining term. Civil Code Section 1946.7 provides a framework for tenants to exercise this right, offering protection in cases where the tenant, a household member, or an immediate family member has been a victim of specified acts. ..Read More

Threats to Costa-Hawkins Makes Ballot Again for 2024

The 2024 ballot initiative led by activist Michael Weinstein and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation represents a persistent effort to challenge and modify existing property regulations, particularly the Costa-Hawkins protections. This initiative, marking their third attempt, underscores an ongoing debate surrounding property rights, rent control, and the broader implications for homeowners. What is the Costa-Hawkins Act? ..Read More

Who Pays for Carpet Cleaning in California – Tenant or Landlord?

In California, the responsibility for carpet cleaning is typically addressed in the lease agreement between the landlord and tenant. The California Civil Code does not specifically address carpet cleaning, so it often depends on what is stipulated in the lease. Lease agreements commonly include provisions regarding the maintenance and cleanliness of the rental property, including ..Read More

Important Disclosures in California Rental Units

Under California rental law, there are specific provisions that safeguard tenants by mandating landlords to disclose critical information before the tenant occupies a rental unit. These disclosure requirements are designed to ensure transparency and protect the well-being of tenants. Here are some key aspects of these disclosure requirements. Bedbugs or Other Pests Utilities Mold Pending ..Read More

Tenant Rights Without a Lease

Tenants who rent in California and don’t have a signed lease or rental agreement are typically called tenants at-will and typically operate on a month-to-month basis. All tenants in California have certain rights which we’ll go over here in detail. At-will Tenant Rights and Protections Even without a formal lease, tenants at will still enjoy ..Read More

What is AB 1317?

The recently advanced bill, AB 1317, in the California Legislature represents a significant step toward reshaping the rental housing landscape in the state, particularly in larger residential properties. Introduced by Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo from Los Angeles, this legislation seeks to bring about a change in how parking costs are handled in rental properties, with the ..Read More

What is a Squatter?

As a landlord, it’s fulfilling to maintain your properties and offer great living spaces to tenants. However, there can be challenges when people try to undermine your ownership rights. Squatting is a concern, especially in California, where specific laws require landlords to understand and follow regulations to deal with squatters. What is Squatting? Squatting means ..Read More

Types of California Eviction Notices

A California eviction notice serves as a formal document that marks the culmination of the landlord-tenant relationship and initiates the process of eviction. Evictions are governed by specific laws and regulations in California, designed to protect the rights of both landlords and tenants while ensuring a fair and lawful procedure. In essence, an eviction notice ..Read More

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