Important Disclosures in California Rental Units

Under California rental law, there are specific provisions that safeguard tenants by mandating landlords to disclose critical information before the tenant occupies a rental unit. These disclosure requirements are designed to ensure transparency and protect the well-being of tenants. Here are some key aspects of these disclosure requirements.

Important Disclosures in California Rental Units

Bedbugs or Other Pests

  • Landlords are prohibited from showing, renting, or leasing a vacant unit that is infested with bedbugs.
  • A written notice must be provided to prospective tenants detailing the presence of bedbugs and outlining a procedure for reporting any infestations to the landlord.
  • It is the landlord’s responsibility to promptly eliminate any bedbug infestation, which may involve follow-up treatments until the infestation is eradicated.
  • Tenants must be notified within two days of the landlord receiving a written report from a pest control expert regarding bedbug findings.
  • If the premises are being treated for other pests, the landlord is obligated to disclose the type of pests and the chemicals used for eradication.


  • Landlords must disclose if a tenant’s utilities are connected to common areas or other rental units within the building.
  • The landlord is expected to explain how the utility costs are divided among tenants sharing these common areas or services.


  • In compliance with Health and Safety Codes, landlords are required to disclose any knowledge of mold on the premises that could pose a threat to the occupants.
  • This disclosure ensures that tenants are informed about potential health hazards related to mold exposure.

Pending Demolition

  • If a rental unit is scheduled for demolition, the landlord must inform the tenant before accepting any payment.
  • This advance notification allows tenants to make informed decisions about entering into a rental agreement, considering the impending demolition.

These disclosure requirements underscore the importance of open communication between landlords and tenants, aiming to create a fair and safe living environment for tenants while providing landlords with guidelines to maintain property standards. Failure to adhere to these disclosure obligations may lead to legal consequences for landlords, emphasizing the significance of compliance with these regulations in the California rental market.