About Steve Penny

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As Author of HIRING THE BEST PEOPLE Steve Penny has been asked to speak at the biggest Human Resource conferences in the world on THE TRUTH TEST – how to get at the truth behind job applicant’s statements fast.

Major companies across the country including Apple have had him speak on 7 WAYS TO MOTIVATE PEOPLE THAT DON’T COST A PENNY on Non-Monetary rewards in the workplace.

Involved with the early development of the Internet, Steve has taught THE INFORMATION REVOLUTION: HOW TO MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU on 17 California State University Campuses.

A recipient of grants to travel around the world and make films, as author of HOW TO GET GRANTS TO MAKE FILMS AND VIDEO he has spoken nationwide for The American Film Institute including at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC with the head of the National Endowment for the Arts Media Program as guest speaker.

“I always feel I’m doing my best work when I’m helping others be better communicators.”