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COVID-19 Impact on Landlords and Property Managers

Since the beginning of the pandemic, landlords and property managers have been on an emotional roller coaster ride. The COVID-19 impact on landlords ranges from having to constantly update themselves on county, city and state moratoriums to having to come up with new safety protocols for contact less viewings of vacancies. On top of it ..Read More

Coronavirus Pandemic: Property Managers are Considered Essential Services

As the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the lives of millions, landlords and property managers are stuck in a constant struggle to keep up with local, municipal, state and federal changes in regulation. We understand that as a landlord, you can feel overwhelmed with trying to follow the recent Coronavirus guidelines put in ..Read More

Tips for Landlords During COVID-19 Pandemic

Just when I thought I had a better understanding of AB 1482 (the state wide rent control initiative) COVID-19 hit me from left field. I realize that we are all getting frustrated because we have so many unanswered questions. Please know this as a fact when it comes to COVID-19: this has never happened before ..Read More

Amid the Covid-19 Rental Housing Crisis, AB 1482 Requirements Still Loom

Governor Gavin Newsom released an executive order on 3/16/20 that would allow local government authorities to suspend evictions. This executive order would also delay the eviction of homeowners and defend against utility shutdowns during the emergency issues related to COVID-19. The order was created as COVID-19 continues to impact Californians by reduction of labor hours ..Read More

Property Management Firms: 35 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring

No decision is more crucial to the success of your rental business than the people you hire, so consider carefully the decision you are making when you decide to hire a property management company. You talk to someone for half an hour to an hour to make a decision that will have a major impact ..Read More

Finding Good Contractors & Handymen: A Landlord’s Guide

One of the most crucial and difficult jobs every landlord faces is finding good contractors – and for smaller jobs under $500 for labor, good handymen. Anyone who has been a landlord for any amount of time has had the experience of contacting six contractors out of the phone book or off the internet, getting ..Read More

Price-gouging protections extended for 1 year

After a state of emergency was proclaimed in Butte, LA and Ventura Counties on November 9, Gov. Brown has signed an executive order to extend the price gouging protections in, but not limited to, said counties until November 9, 2019. This comes after a devastating fire destroyed thousands of homes across over 100,000 acres and ..Read More

Rent Ledger For Residential Rental Units

Accounting for all monies received by a landlord – including rent, late charges, and other fees – is very important not only from a business sense, but can be critically important in an Unlawful Detainer Cases based on non-payment of rent or breach of a provision in the rental agreement. While this is especially true ..Read More

The 5 Essential Qualities of a Great Landlord

With so much information online nowadays no one that is looking to get into the rental property business should go in alone in the dark. Besides the 5 essential qualities that make a great landlord, you must also be able to keep up with current events and trends, read up on new laws and study ..Read More

Rent Control: 11 Ways California Prop 10 Will Affect Your Business

This November, California voters will decide whether or not the local government will have the freedom to exercise rent control measures because the voter initiative that would repeal The Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act will be on the state ballot. If this existing 1995 law were to be repealed, cities will no longer be limited on ..Read More