What is the LA County Property Owner e-Notification Alert?

The Property Owner e-Notification Alert (e-Notification) is an upgraded version of the County’s existing “Enhanced Homeowner Notification Program.” The primary objective of this program is to promptly notify property owners via email about recorded activities concerning their registered properties. Currently, the Registrar-Recorder sends a physical copy of a Grant Deed, Quit Claim Deed, Deed of Trust within 30 days of recordation, or a copy of a Notice of Default, or Notice of Sale within 5 days to the property owner via mail. The mailed package includes a “yellow” and “blue” sheet, which provides details about the notification program. The Department of Consumer and Business Affairs contact information is also provided, and property owners should reach out to this agency if they suspect any suspicious recording activity or require assistance.

What is the LA County Property Owner e-Notification Alert?

Aside from receiving physical copies via regular mail, as the property owner, you have the option to subscribe to email notifications. Upon registration, you will receive an email within 48 hours whenever any recording activity takes place on your property. This email will include a statement informing you about the specific recording that occurred on your property.

How do landlords enroll in the Property Owner e-Notification Program?

To enroll in the Property Owner e-Notification Alert, you will need to establish a profile on the Los Angeles County Assessor’s portal by clicking on the “Register Here!” option. During the registration process, please ensure that you choose the “Opt-In for AIN/Recorded Document email notification” option. Once you have successfully created an account, log in to the portal and navigate to the landing page. On the landing page, locate and select the “Property Owner e-Notification Alerts” feature. Proceed to the “Property Owner e-Notification Registration” page and enter your AIN (Assessor Identification Number), followed by selecting the “Add” button. Once you have linked your AIN to your account, you will start receiving electronic notifications whenever a document is recorded pertaining to your associated AIN. If you are unsure about your AIN, you can utilize the Property Search Tool. You can repeat this process to register additional properties under your account.

Is there a limit on the number of properties a landlord can enroll?

You can enroll any number of properties for this service without any limitations. Additionally, we strongly advise enrolling properties owned by elderly parents or dependent adults to guarantee timely notification.

Will the regular mail notification be replaced?

The e-Notification service is intended to offer quick notification as a complementary service. As a result, the information provided in the email will be limited, and a physical copy of the recording will be sent exclusively by mail through the Enhanced Homeowner Notification Program.

Recognizing the significance of prompt and efficient service in sensitive scenarios such as ownership changes, refinancing, or foreclosure, the County places great emphasis on ensuring timely notification for all concerned parties. To achieve this objective, the County has introduced e-Notification, which promptly alerts property owners within 48 hours of any recording activity. This notification service not only provides property owners with the chance to access legitimate and cost-free assistance, but also helps them avoid becoming victims of real estate scams.