Landlords Report Tenants Are Using Rent Money to go on Vacation

Landlords are reporting that their tenants are going on vacations to various destinations, including Hawaii, Paris, and Mexico, likely at their expense, while not paying rent. 

The pandemic has created financial hardships for many, including Monica, a landlord who has been unable to provide for her family for the past few years due to her tenant’s failure to pay rent. 

Despite having a job, the tenant owes $20,000 in back rent and is unlikely to pay due to the extension of the eviction moratorium. Monica cannot afford to keep the property anymore and has lost hope that the government will help her. Meanwhile, Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger believes that the tenant protection policies have gone too far, and landlords need assistance. 

To help small landlords recover unpaid rent, a new $45 million fund has been approved, but landlords are required to wait at least a year before evicting their tenants, which may not be a viable option for some. 

While landlord advocates are grateful for the support, they say the fund is insufficient to cover all of the outstanding rent, which could amount to nearly $1 billion, according to Supervisor Barger.