Landlords and Apartment Associations Find to End LA County Moratorium

The California Apartment Association (CAA) is determined to end the COVID-19 eviction moratorium in Los Angeles County and will work to ensure that the recent 60-day extension through March 31, 2023, is the last. 

The Board of Supervisors used emergency powers to keep the moratorium in place and cover tenant households at or below 80% of the area median income. Although the county has approved a $45 million fund to help independent rental owners cover back rent owed, the CAA believes it is not enough and should be accessible to all housing providers. 

Landlords in the city of Los Angeles are also subject to the county’s moratorium after the city’s more stringent moratorium expired. The CAA has posted a webinar about the recent rental laws and regulations adopted in the county and city of L.A. Fred Sutton, the CAA’s senior vice president of public affairs in Los Angeles, says that politicians are using many housing regulations as a preventative strategy to address the issue of homelessness. 

The association urges landlords to demand more rental assistance and fill out a short survey to share their views on where the county should prioritize housing-focused ARPA dollars. Los Angeles County invites rental property owners to participate in its next COVID Rental Property Owners Roundtable, which will provide updates and request feedback on Stay Housed L.A.