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Prop 21 Rent Control on November Ballot

The housing freeze initiative, or Prop 21 as it will now be presented on the November 2020 ballot, aims to change part of the already existing rent control laws “Costa Hawkins”. Industry experts believe it would only make housing in California worse and open up the possibility of extreme rent control ordinances on a local ..Read More

Michael C Earl Introduction Letter

Dear Client: The managers and staff of Fast Eviction Service Law Group would like to announce to our clients that our main associate counsel of record will be transitioning from H.G. Long to Fast Law Group and M. C. Earle as the new lead attorney. You can expect the same excellent and efficient service ..Read More

California State of Emergency Extended at Least 30 Days

On the 22nd of November 2019, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order that extends all orders and provisions contained in the governor’s proclamations dated October 11, October 25, and October 27, 2019. “Executive order N-21-19 shall remain in full force and effect.” This executive order helps affected residents with housing needs by facilitating ..Read More

L.A.’s new waste-hauling franchise system Deemed Frustrating by Rental Housing Industry

A program, dubbed as RecycLA, was introduced in July 2017 and ever since it’s launching the California Apartment Association observed a considerable decline in the service. All sorts of issues were faced by residents most prominent being missed pick-ups at multiple occasions, while the rates were increased tremendously, that is, by 400%.

Sheriff Lockout Delay due to Holiday Season

As with other past years, you can expect a delay this holiday season due to the fact that the Sheriff’s Office will not be conducting any lock outs during the week of Christmas. You can expect about a two week delay due to this moratorium. For more information, you can contact our office at 1-800-686-8686.

Six Must-Not Have Appliances For Your Rental Property

It is true that addition of necessary appliances for your rental property like refrigerator or cooking range make the property more attractive to tenants but there are some items that can and do create liability issues and maintenance problems. The following list will introduce you to those must-not have appliances and amenities at your rental unit.

The Must Have Toolbox for Landlords to Perform Appliance Repairs

No matter how carefully your tenants use them, appliances are bound to have issues every now and then. It is worth noting that appliance repairing is quite expensive in this country as technicians charge about $150 per service call and the amount has to be paid before they touch the appliance to fix the issue. We have a better advice for you, which is to adopt a do it yourself approach while tackling with appliance repairs.

Landlord Videos: Move-in and Move-out Videos

Landlord videos shot of the property clearly documenting the condition of the rental unit before a new tenant moves in is a very important and easy way to head off major problems down the road. There are always disagreements between landlords and tenants at the end of the tenancy regarding the condition of the property. ..Read More

Disabled Tenants Rights: How Landlords Should Deal with Disabled Tenants

As a landlord, you will be approached by all kinds of tenants. One day you might just receive a disabled prospective tenant. Do you know how to help them? Chances are that you are unsure of the rights that protect disabled tenants.  What are disabled tenants rights? For instance, did you know that you cannot ..Read More

House Emergencies and How You Can Stay Prepared for Them as a Landlord

One of the major tasks after renting your property is to make sure that you are prepared for emergencies that may come up in your rented property. While the tenants living in the house have a role to play in dealing with the emergency too, it’s up to you to get the emergency resolved at the end of the day because you are the owner. Here are a few tips to help you stay prepared for any emergency as a landlord.