Reminder: Register Your Rent Stabilized Units Before September 30th

Rental property owners in unincorporated areas of LA County are required to register their units before September 30th, every year. This is required by the LA County Rent Stabilization and Tenant Protections Ordinance, Mobilehome Rent Stabilization and Mobilehome Owners Protections Ordinances.

Los Angeles County consumer & business affairs has mentioned that if landlords register their units before the September 30th deadline, the registration fees will be waived. After this date, landlords will have to pay the registration fees plus possible late fees may apply.

How do I register my rental units?

  • Visit the registration page and log in/ or create an account.
  • Use your Property Identification Number (PIN) you received in your letter to find your property.
  • Update your contact and property information if necessary.
  • Submit your registration.

Who is required to register?

Landlords and mobilehome park owners who own rental property in areas within unincorporated LA County are required to register. Some units may be exempt, such as owner-occupied units or unit and mobile home spaces that are exempted from rent stabilization under state or federal law.

How much is the registration fee?

Registration dateRegistration feeLate fee
On or Before 9/30/22FREENONE
On or AFter 10/1/2022$90 – fully covered units/spaces$30 – just cause only units10% may be assessed
*info valid as of 9/20/22