The Signs of A Bad Tenant

Nobody want’s a bad tenant wasting their time and money. There are bad tenants out there, but rest assured there are also plenty of good tenants too. Here are a couple tips to help you spot the bad ones before it’s too late.

Signs That You Should Avoid That Tenant

  • Hesitation to fill an application – this could be a sign that the tenant wants to withhold information from you.
  • In a rush to rent – make sure he’s not looking for a place to hide.
  •  Multiple employments in 2 years – this could mean that the tenant has a non serious attitude towards work and might be unable to pay rent on time.
  • Multiple home addresses in recent years – hoping from one apartment to another could also be a sign of inability to pay rent and avoiding lawsuit from landlord.
  • Waving money in your face – as lucrative as a 3 month rent in advance may sound, investigate further before accepting it.
  • Signs of intoxication – tenants who appear to be intoxicated should be avoided.
  • Ignorant to the property’s condition – a tenant who is oblivious to the condition of the property is likely to never keep it in good condition.
  • Accompanied by many people – beware of a bunch of people who come to see your property, they might be planning something.

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