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Collecting Your Unlawful Detainer Judgment in California

As a landlord, you have several options for collecting a court ordered money judgment against a tenant in California.  However, one of the most important steps in evicting your tenant and collecting an Unlawful Detainer judgment is the preparation of a detailed file on the tenant beginning with your very first interactions with them. You ..Read More

Landlord Options for Small Claims Court Judgment Collection

Filing a case in a small claims court is one thing; winning and collecting the judgment from a tenant as a landlord is a completely different ball game. Once the hearing is over and the judge has reached a decision, there’s still a lot of work to do to collect the small claims court judgment. ..Read More

Why Small Claims Court Judgments For Landlords Are Hard to Collect

Small claims courts exist to enable people settle relatively small disputes, usually concerning money. With these courts, people can represent themselves and avoid hefty attorney fees as well as other court fees. By their very nature, they’re simple, cheap, and relatively fast. However, not everything in a small claims court is straightforward. The hardest part ..Read More

What are Judgment Liens on Property in California?

When a judge or jury gives a verdict in a civil trial – or when a court approves a settlement in any civil case, the court enters a formal judgment to that effect. Generally, in a judgment, one party is required to pay money to another party. However, the individual who is supposed to pay ..Read More

How to Collect a Judgment in California: 4 Ways That Can Help

If you are in California and have won a money judgment, there is a chance that your debtor may or may not pay. Certain laws are applicable for judgment enforcement in California which affect the collection process. Judgment collection mainly refers to the collection of a certain amount of money. There are various ways you ..Read More

Debt Collection and California Judgments

Suppose a person used to owe you some cash but later he broke the agreement by cheating you or harming you with his carelessness. So you filed a lawsuit and won. When you win a judgment in court, you get a written statement from the court which lists the judgment and the sum awarded to ..Read More

Commercial Debt Collection and Enforcement of Judgment in California

The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) does not allow debts that occur mainly due to business purposes and neither does the California Fair Debt Collection Practices Act does. We have listed the complete detail on commercial debt collection as well as the enforcement of Judgment in California

6 Tips that Can Help You Collect Your Judgment

If you filed a case against your tenant and won the same, things are far from over. Collecting judgment can sometimes be a very frustrating and difficult experience. Here are 6 tips which can be of great use if you want to collect the judgment.

5 Things You Should Know about the California Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

As per the California Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (CFDCPA) neither the debt collector nor the creditor is allowed to use any kind of unfair, deceptive, or abusive methods for collection. The act is no way eliminates the debt amount but only ensures that the collection process is fair for both the parties.

How to Collect a Judgment

If you had been taken advantage of in some way, or if your personal property was damaged, the person who inflicted this damage should be responsible for the amount owed. Sometimes accidents do happen and the inflictor pays for the damage he or she caused. However, there are times when you are owed money and ..Read More