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Fast Eviction Service has been helping San Diego County landlords with eviction, collection, and small claims attorney services since 1979.

We understand how time consuming, stressful and frustrating evictions can be for landlords who view this as an action of last resort after previous attempts have failed. The eviction process has many potential pitfalls for landlords who frequently make expensive mistakes that have the effect of having their evictions cases thrown out of court if not properly served and filed, delaying the day landlords finally get their property and rental income back.

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Fast Eviction Service is here to help guide you through each step of the process to a successful conclusion as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Our professional staff who help only landlords in eviction cases can start your action today and handle everything for you from start to finish. We take the time to be certain we understand all the important details so your Unlawful Detainer case is handled accurately and with superior legal service that’s the best value for your dollar.

We have decades of legal experience handling tens of thousands of eviction cases that enables us to get all the necessary details of your notices and court filings properly served and executed, accurately foresee the probable outcome of your case and how long it will take. We represent landlords only in both residential and commercial evictions throughout San Diego City and County.

In San Diego County approximate one out of every hundred rentals resulted in evictions in 2014 according to a recent Redfin Eviction Study. Another recent study based upon the U.S. Census Bureau 2015 American Community Survey found that fifty-seven percent of San Diego County renters spent more than 30 percent of their income on rent in 2015, which is considered “cost burdened” by economists and federal agencies.

For the most part, the City of San Diego does not have rent control unless it is in certain mobile home parks or government subsidized housing. Because San Diego City does not have rent control, landlords are free to charge whatever rent they wish on a month to month rental, and increase rent so long as adequate advance notice is given of 60 days if the increase is over 25%.

§98.0701 states: The purpose of these regulations is to promote stability in the San Diego rental housing market and limit adverse impacts on long-term residential tenants displaced and forced to find replacement housing in the expensive and limited San Diego housing market. The regulations protect the rights of long-term residential tenants by limiting grounds for their eviction and requiring landlords to provide notice of such grounds. The rights conferred by these regulations are in addition to any provided instate or federal law.”

Unless a landlord or their attorney clearly stated in writing the reason for the eviction with the eviction notice, the motion will be thrown out of court requiring a second filing which can cost the landlord additional months of lost rent. Outside of the city of San Diego limits, this statement of “Just Cause” is not necessary in other San Diego County communities.

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San Diego County Superior Court has reduced the number of courts hearing Eviction / Unlawful Detainer cases recently from four to only two courts.


330 W. Broadway
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 450-5700

325 S Melrose Dr
Vista, CA 92081
(760) 201-8600

This has unfortunately resulted in San Diego landlords generally having a slower eviction process than other neighboring California Counties. San Diego Superior Court has set up an E-Filing system for certain court documents like the Unlawful Detainer Summons & Complaint form which has speeded up the filing process, but requires working with a certified E-Filing service provider to be able to use the system.

There are many very important and crucial steps in the eviction process including how to legally serve an eviction notice, how many days notice must be given, the filing and tracking of the eviction with the courts that leads to a Unlawful Detainer court order before the San Diego County Sheriff can physically remove a tenant from your property. Each step must be executed to the exact letter the exact letter of the law to avoid expensive delays.

As with most counties, a San Diego County landlord who starts an eviction as a retaliatory action to get rid of a tenant who, for example complains about the heating system not working or reports habitability issues to a government regulatory body is liable for what are known as landlord retaliation lawsuits which can be very expensive.

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