Eviction And Collection Services

If you are unfamiliar with our services, this General Information will give you the basics of the eviction process.

Eviction and Collection services


Most evictions begin with either a three or a thirty day notice. We can prepare and serve your notice for you. In addition we can help you determine which notice is right for your case. Click here to use one of our free eviction notices.

Uncontested Eviction

If you have already served your tenant a notice and the time period on the notice has expired you are now ready to file your case with the court. This section outlines the procedures for getting your case started and the timeline for the case once it is filed. Click here to learn more about uncontested evictions.


If your tenant fights the case, a trial will be required. We will get you a trial date as quickly as possible and one of our attorneys will appear in court with you. Click here for more information about the trial.

We will appear in trial with you.

Bankruptcy Relief

When a tenant files bankruptcy during the case, the case will be delayed. We will go to bankruptcy court for you to get an order to remove the tenant. Click here for more information about bankruptcy relief.

Meeting the Sheriff

When the case is complete you will have to meet the Marshall/Sheriff at the property to regain possession. We have information here about what to do when meeting the Marshall/Sheriff. 
Click here to learn more about meeting the sheriff.


Once the tenants are out of the property our collection department can help you recover the money you are owed. Click here to learn more about our collection services.


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