Uncontested Evictions

In order to get started on your case we need your original notice and proof of service (if you served your own notice).

If you need to serve a notice still, see our page on notices. We also need your original rental agreement. With these documents we can file your case with the court. If we get the documents before noon we will file your case the same day or first thing the next morning, depending on the property location.

What to expect during an uncontested eviction process?

Time Line:

  • Case is filed with the court
  • A copy of the lawsuit is personally served upon the tenant
  • The court enters a default judgment
  • The tenant files an answer (covered on the Trial page)
  • The marshal or sheriff physically removes the tenant from possession

Our Service…

We will process all of the documents for you. We will prepare all of the court forms and deliver them to the court on the first day they can be filed. In addition we will deliver the lawsuit to the tenant immediately after we file it.

  • We do all of the preparation – We prepare the specific forms needed for each court.
  • We file the forms – Our couriers deliver the forms to court right on time.
  • We serve the tenants – Our registered process servers deliver the forms to your tenants.

Follow up…

We maintain constant contact with you and with the court so that your case is processed quickly and so that you know what is going on.

About once each week you will receive a post card telling you where we are and what will happen next. At any time you can call our office for a current update on your case.

Please feel free to contact our eviction specialists for more information at (800) 686-8686.

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