Declaration of Service of Notice To Tenant
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More Information on how and when to use the Declaration of Service of Notice form

Available here is the declaration of service of notice(s) to tenant(s) that can be used for one of the following eviction notices:

  • Notice to Pay Rent or Quit
  • 3 to 60 Days Notice for Residential Properties
  • 3 to 90 Days Notice to Quit Commercial Leasing Contract
  • 3 to 60 Days Notice to Quit Commercial Leasing Contract

The declaration of service of notice has to be presented to the Court in the same way as the eviction notice(s) was served. This is done to ensure that the judge knows that all parties that are involved in the case have prior information of what the landlord has filed for before the case can proceed. To ensure compliance with the district court and the California Department of Consumer Affairs, a Proof of Service form has to be filled out properly with the court. Read below to know more on how and when the landlord can present the declaration of service of notice forms to tenant(s).

For a general overview, the declaration of service of notices is presented when the tenant(s) or the leasing parties have been presented the eviction notice, the result of which will lead to a legal proceeding. For any of the eviction notices served, the declaration of service of notices to tenants has to be presented in the following manner:

  • The form has to be done in writing.
  • The notice has to clearly state what eviction notice(s) and period of notice it relates to.
  • The notice has to clearly mention the name of all tenant(s) and leasing parties that are involved in the property, whether residential or commercial.
  • The notice must state the correct address of the property, and the date and details of the eviction notice served to the involved parties.
  • All the information and details listed in the declaration of service have to be correct and must tally with the details in the eviction notice in order to start the legal proceedings.

Purpose of the Declaration of Service

The declaration of service is completed and turned in to the courthouse in order to specify how the service of the notice was done. The declaration of service is presented to the leasing parties to implement legal effectiveness in the eviction notice that was presented earlier.

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