What Do I Do When The Tenant Purposely Delays The Case?

Please note the case title is Landlord’s Last Name vs. Tenants’ Last Name and Eviction address. Cases are referenced by eviction address. Please note we refer to your case by address – you being the plaintiff, your tenant being the defendant.

Our office uses specific, breakdown strategies, when handling your contested case. Please feel free to call our office for further detailed information.

  1. We evaluate your case:
    • Based on the filing court and specific judge assigned to that court;
    • Review the history of your case (book records, repairs, etc.);
    • Fully analyze the answer and determine the Defense Attorney’s strategy (if Defendant is represented).

This is why we prevail!! Feel free to contact us for more information.

  1. Is your occupant delaying the case by filing:
    • Motion to Quash – When Defendant files a Motion disputing service;
    • Motion to Strike/Demurrer – When Defendant files a Motion disputing parts of the Complaint or the Complaint in its entirety (this happens prior to an answer being filed);
    • Motion to Set Aside Judgment – A Motion filed post Judgment normally when the final paperwork (Writ of Possession) is at the Sheriffs.

We have the cure for these delay tactics!!

  1. When your tenant files a Demand for Jury Trial we:
    • a. Provide a straight-forward cost breakdown of charges;
    • b. Determine the quickest strategy to move your case along;
    • c. Figure out what the options are to limit the defendant’s evidence at Jury Trial.

We have proven litigation strategies to reduce your cost and get control of your rental unit!!

  1. The Defendant files Federal Court bankruptcies or a Removal to Federal Court, now what:
    • Tenant files bankruptcies, or multiple bankruptcies, or a Federal Removal to delay the action;
    • Having access to judges rules and experience, we quickly file a motion for Relief or a Remand to get your case back on the eviction track in State Court.

Stop the loss and get possession, call our office for more detailed information!!

Please remember that there are specific organizations that represent Defendants/occupants and many are subsidized by Federal Grants or private foundations. Some of these names include:

  • Public Counsel
  • Inner City Law
  • The Shriver Project
  • Eviction Defense Network
  • Legal Aid – Countywide

The court actually allows these organizations to solicit in the courthouse and courtroom. We know their strategies and have had great success in defending cases against these organizations!

Call our office today to acquire further information regarding these delay tactics your tenant can use and how we handle them.

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