3 Day Notice To Perform Covenant Cure Or Quit
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More Information: 3 Day Notice to Perform Covenants or quit

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Landlords can use this kind of notice if the tenant is violating terms in the lease or rental agreement and the problem can be fixed. For example, if the tenant has moved in a pet without permission, or is not keeping the unit clean, or is violating some other term of the agreement, the notice must ask the tenant to correct or “cure” the violation within 3 days or move out.

The 3 day notice to perform or quit must:

  • Be in writing;
  • Say the full name of the tenant or tenants;
  • Have the address of the rental property;
  • Say what the tenant did to violate the lease or rental agreement;
  • Say the tenant has the chance to fix the problem or move out in 3 days; and
  • Be signed by the landlord or his or her agent and state the date of the notice.

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