3 Day Notice To Pay Rent Or Quit For Leases
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Read more information on how and when to use the 3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or to Move Out eviction form for leased property available here for free.

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Presented here is the 3 day notice form for paying rent or moving out from the property that is to be used by landlords. By presenting this form to your tenants, they are obligated to either pay the rent, or move out from the property within 3 days. This 3 day eviction notice form conforms to the state of California and the California Department of Consumer Affairs, and meets the criteria for eviction to be processed. Below is the guide on how and when you, the landlord, can present this eviction notice form to tenants.

From a general perspective, if you have been facing ongoing rent issues with your tenant(s), then you can present the 3 day notice form. Whether your tenant is 1 day or 3 months past due on the rent, you can serve them with this 3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Move Out.

For Paying Rent

The 3 day eviction notice for lease agreement tenancy can be used to enforce rent payment when and if:

  • The tenant(s) did not pay the rent on the due date that was agreed on in the lease agreement.
  • The tenant(s) have defaulted on their rent payment (regardless of the length of time).
  • The tenant(s) has failed to meet one or more criteria in the lease agreement that is related to the rent payment.
  • The notice can include up to 12 months’ worth of past due rent.
  • The notice cannot include any fees other than rent.

For Vacating The Property

The 3 day eviction notice is to be presented in instances where the landlord can legally demand the tenant(s) to move out from the property when and if:

  • The tenant’s decide to not pay rent.

By downloading the 3 day eviction notice, you as a landlord have to follow specific instruction on how to present the form to ensure your compliance with the California Department of Consumer Affairs:

  • The notice is to be presented to the tenant(s) in writing.
  • The notice must bear the full name of the tenant(s).
  • The notice must have the address of the leased property.
  • The notice must clarify that the tenant(s) either have to pay the rent or move out from the property within the 3 days after the notice was presented.
  • The notice must be signed by the landlord, or alternatively, by his/her agent and must state the date of issuance.
  • The notice must include days and times, along with an address, where the tenant(s) can pay the rent.
  • The notice must have a contact phone number for the tenant’s convenience.

How to Count The Three Days

After presenting the notice to your tenant(s), you can start counting the three days from the day that the notice was served (not including date of service). In case the third day arrives on a Saturday, Sunday, or a public holiday, then the three day period will conclude on the following Monday, or the following non-holiday. In other words, the three days are counted in accordance to three working days. For instance, if you have issued the 3 day eviction notice on a Friday, then the first day will complete at the time you presented the notice to the tenant(s) on Monday, and the 3 day period will hence conclude on a Wednesday.

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