Pick a Landlord who refunds a Deposit for Rent

Although there are landlords who are truthful and mindful of their tenants, you should be wary of the devious ones. These are the types that refuse to refund the rent deposit. Depending on the size of your rental house, you might lose a large sum of money. What if you borrowed your deposit for rent? That’s a total loss. To protect yourself from unfair landlords, ensure that you follow these simple tips.

Do not be quick to sign a lease contract

A search for a property to live in should not be done so fast or leisurely. It is imperative to take the time to search for a trustworthy landlord. For that reason, you should look for every property you want to rent on the internet. Search for the property name and the owner’s name. If it is promoted via an estate agent channel, conduct your search with their name. In the process, you might come across complaints that have been filed against the landlord. Check whether they are on the Better Business Bureau website. If they are, what’s their rating?

Find past and current tenants and talk to them

Do you know someone who lived in the property you wish to rent? If so, solicit information from them. If not, approach some of the current tenants and ask them about the apartment. The kind-hearted ones will tell you about the bad and good things. Mostly, you should request details about the character of the property owner or estate agent. It would be great to locate a past client at any rate, as they already know whether their deposit for rent was refunded in full.

Discover what the law says about your deposit for rent

Laws to do with rental properties vary widely depending on where you live. As a result, it is essential to find out whether you can receive your deposit back when you decide to vacate. It is your right to receive fair treatment from the landlord. Hence, if your state requires that you receive your money back, you should pick a landlord who recognizes this right. Research further concerning the amount you should get back.

Make sure there are no defects in the house

Unscrupulous landlords always claim that your deposit will be used to repair the apartment. Thus, prior to signing a rental agreement, you should visit the property and carry out a thorough investigation. Ensure that all defects are identified and reported to the landlord. If he refuses to do repairs, move to the next estate. If you stick around, then discuss and agree on matters in writing.

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